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Launch of Sr Michele's Book

It may have been the first official day of winter on Friday 1st June but it was with a spring in the step that our Sr Michele Connolly welcomed a goodly roll-up of friends and colleagues to celebrate with her the launch of her long awaited book, Disorderly Women and the Order of God.  Noted Professor,Elaine Wainwright RSM did the honours of speaking for the launch and commended Michele on her achievement  and particularly on the unique contribution this work makes to Biblical scholarship.

It was with great interest that the gathered group heard of the story of Margaret Catchpole whose life of ‘disorder’ set a pattern for the feminist approach that Michele takes to the various women who appear so briefly in Mark’s Gospel. A second strand that captured the audience was the dissection of the ANZAC legend that provides the distinctly Australian lens through which to view the position of women and men in their interactions as depicted by Mark. The scholarly interpretations of the women stories in the Gospel that are then so meticulously analysed in the light of this background will provide grist to the mill of Biblical investigations for the years to come.

The Catholic Institute of Sydney where Sr Michele has taught Biblical Studies over the last two decades can rightly take credit for this worthy contribution to academic treasure. The evening was  graciously hosted with refreshments that were appreciated by the gathering of family and friends who were able to enjoy a tasty smorgasbord while perusing the display of material that had contributed to the making of a fine piece of work. Thanks and congratulations to all who brought the evening to completion.

Ellen Royan rsj



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