Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

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One with the People

On 2 July, St Kevin’s Church, Cardiff, was full to overflowing, voices were lifted in stirring joyous hymns and thin morning sunshine lit up the beautiful stained glass windows when five Josephite sisters celebrated their Jubilee Day. It was seventy years since Sister Jane Frances Schumacher had made her first profession and sixty years for Sisters Clare McCudden, Cecelia Creigh, Angela Conroy and Margaret Anne Geatches.

The loving Cardiff people, gathered for their Sunday celebration, joined in praise and thanksgiving and at the end of Mass raised their hands in blessing over the jubilarians as Father Gordon Quinn prayed for them and presented each one with a beautifully crafted Jubilee card.

The sisters felt it was so right to join the congregation of St Kevin’s, symbolic of so many parishes where they have ministered to families, taught their children, prayed, laughed and suffered with them – and they with us. One jubilarians said, “I have never felt such a deep sense of belonging.” Others said, “We felt so one with the people – it was overwhelming for us.”

After Mass, many people came to the Parish Cottage where a party of the most delicious food – homemade sandwiches, cakes and slices – was set out in elegance beyond imagining. Each table had its colourful flowers and in the centre of all was a magnificent Jubilee cake. There were African and Indian families, the good Polish stalwarts of the parish, parishioners young and old, and the wonderful ladies of the Hospitality Group who excel in lavish kindness. Father Gordon gave a warm speech of appreciation and Sister Angela spoke in reply, offering sincere thanks.

Eventually we had to leave, the Jubilarians going off to dinners and afternoon teas with other groups of sisters and friends – but they carried with them hearts full of gratitude for years of dedication which have brought such fulfilment.

PS  All friends of St Kevin’s School, Cardiff are invited to a Centenary School Mass, celebrated by Bishop Bill Wright, on Thursday 3 August at 9.30am.

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Another joyful gathering occurred on Thursday 6 July at Wests, Mayfield when Jubilarians and about 50 Sisters met to celebrate Jane, Angela, Celie, Clare and Margaret Anne.  There was much chatter and laughter as the meal progressed.  The Sisters were in fine voice when they sang 'The Festal Song' as the cake was cut.  It was truly good to celebrate and be together.