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Right to Home

On Thursday, 3 August 2017 the Society of St V de Paul tabled in the NSW Parliament, their Affordable Housing Petition  (over sixteen thousand signatures)

Affordable Housing aims to have subsidised rental for community service providers ( nurses, police, fire fighters’welfare workers  etc). Huge rental prices in the Cities mean these people have to move further and further away from their work places. The social impact of long travelling hours on family unity , physical and emotional  health has been recognised and lobbying to address the problem began in 2016.

As the Diocesan Social Justice Representative Carmel was present, in Parliament, with the Mascot bear and over 200 V de P members.  The Maitland Newcastle Diocese was instrumental in collecting signatures and supporting the drive to have 15% of all new building developments allocated to affordable housing.

The wonderful news is that Parliament Is now discussing NOT whether there will be affordable Housing but rather what percentage of new building developments will be dedicated to affordable Housing. A great example of the community seeing  a need and responding to it.

On Saturday 12 August 2017 the Faith community of the House of Hospitality met at the home of Josie O'Donnell to celebrate my Golden Jubilee.  The community - Frank McDonald, Jackie Coleman, Peter Hempenstall, Josie O'Donnell, Michael, Cheree and Isaac Flanagan - has been my Faith community since the House of Hospitality began in 1991

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