Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

Ten Years of Ministry in Denison Street Image

Ten Years of Ministry in Denison Street

Sr Clare Conroy, one of the original five Sisters to live in the community at Denison Street Mayfield, speaks about living and ministering in the local area. The Sisters recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of their arrival in Denison Street.  As anniversaries are always an opportunity to look back and give thanks, the Sisters at Denison Street recall the blessings that have come to them during the past ten years.


After much planning and with eager anticipation, we moved into the newly constructed, Denison Street units in Mayfield in February 2008.   As our arrival created a deal of interest in the street, within a few weeks, we invited our neighbours to morning tea in our lovely gardens.  Friendly contacts were made that day and these continue.  We try to be aware of them and of their needs in keeping with our desire to be good neighbours. Later in the year, Bishop Michael Malone visited and blessed our units.

Our ministry of daily prayer is integral in our lives.  It is the springboard for all that we do, in the spirit of our founders, Julian Tenison Woods and St Mary McKillop, in a variety of ministries.  In our region there are several hospitals and aged care facilities. Our commitment, on a regular basis, includes Mass (when a priest is available), Communion/Prayers Services and caring conversations with residents.

Parish life provides many opportunities and we do get involved in various ways, such as visiting the elderly and sick, taking them Holy Communion, being aware of the needy and bereaved, assisting refugees in a number of ways and by involvement in facets of the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

We value very much our place as members of the Josephite family, and so we support our sick and elderly Sisters by visiting them and sometimes driving them to appointments. We enjoy celebrating jubilees, birthdays, weddings, baptisms together with our Sisters and much-loved family members.

To sum up: our residing here opens up quite a scope for us to live out our Josephite call - to proclaim and witness to God’s love and presence in the world, by our way of life and apostolic service.