Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

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The following items list our Sisters who have died. Please click on the links to view pictures and obituaries (where available). May they rest in peace.

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Lynette Pearce IMAGE

Sr Lynette Pearce

Died 19 Nov 2022

Sr Patricia Hayes IMAGE

Sr Patricia Hayes

Died 21 Nov 2013

Sr M Stephane Lane IMAGE

Sr M Stephane Lane

Died 28 Nov 1992

Sr Anne Maria O'Connor IMAGE

Sr Anne Maria O'Connor

Died 29 Nov 2012

Sr M Monica Tobin IMAGE

Sr M Monica Tobin

Died 2 Dec 1969

Sr M Vincent Fennessy IMAGE

Sr M Vincent Fennessy

Died 3 Dec 1894

Sr M Gerard Long IMAGE

Sr M Gerard Long

Died 5 Dec 1954

Sr Marie Therese Fahey IMAGE

Sr Marie Therese Fahey

Died 6 Dec 2007

Sr Mary Catherine Jensen IMAGE

Sr Mary Catherine Jensen

Died 6 Dec 2000

Sr M Basil Tynan IMAGE

Sr M Basil Tynan

Died 6 Dec 1988

Sr M Anselm Brooder IMAGE

Sr M Anselm Brooder

Died 8 Dec 1983

Sr M Athanasius Fallins IMAGE

Sr M Athanasius Fallins

Died 8 Dec 1993

Sr Josephine Cleary IMAGE

Sr Josephine Cleary

Died 9 Dec 1984

Sr M Cyril Moylan IMAGE

Sr M Cyril Moylan

Died 9 Dec 1989

Sr  M Bernard Woods IMAGE

Sr M Bernard Woods

Died 9 Dec 1897

Sr M Lucina Mulville IMAGE

Sr M Lucina Mulville

Died 10 Dec 1959

Sr M Laurence Lovegrove IMAGE

Sr M Laurence Lovegrove

Died 11 Dec 1968

Sr M Benedicta Cross IMAGE

Sr M Benedicta Cross

Died 12 Dec 1960

Sr M Tarcisius McGrane IMAGE

Sr M Tarcisius McGrane

Died 15 Dec 1995

Sr M Mark Nicey IMAGE

Sr M Mark Nicey

Died 15 Dec 1992

Sr M Dympna McMahon IMAGE

Sr M Dympna McMahon

Died 16 Dec 1962

Sr Clare Tobin IMAGE

Sr Clare Tobin

Died 17 Dec 2015

Sr Helen Brooks IMAGE

Sr Helen Brooks

Died 19 Dec 1985

Sr M Jude Pearson IMAGE

Sr M Jude Pearson

Died 19 Dec 1985

Sr Andrea Myers IMAGE

Sr Mary Andrea Myers

Died 19 Dec 2018

Sr Anne Callinan IMAGE

Sr Anne Callinan

Died 22 Dec 2014

Sr M Magdalen Brimstone IMAGE

Sr M Magdalen Brimstone

Died 23 Dec 1993

Sr Marie Therese McGrorey IMAGE

Sr Marie Therese McGrorey

Died 23 Dec 1940

Sr M Annunciata Carrigan IMAGE

Sr M Annunciata Carrigan

Died 24 Dec 1968

Sr M Paul Bourke IMAGE

Sr M Paul Bourke

Died 29 Dec 1917


Sr Mary Bell

Died 30 Dec 2022

Sr M Martin Lynch IMAGE

Sr M Martin Lynch

Died 8 Jan 2010