Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

Sr M John Moy

Sr Catherine Moy IMAGE

Died 09 September 1909

Catherine Moy born on 13 May 1878 in Raymond Terrace was the second daughter of Patrick and Catherine Moy (nee Moore) to become a Sister of St Joseph at Lochinvar. She entered the Congregation on the 8 July, 1892 at the age of fourteen and was one of seven postulants to receive the habit on the 13 February, 1893. She was given the name of Sister Mary John of the Precious Blood. She was a sister of Sister Brigid Moy who had entered in 1886 and was a cousin of Sisters Liguori and Ita Moy and the Gallaghers from Krambach.

While still a novice, Sister Mary John commenced her active apostolate at Knockfin in July, 1893 before spending some time at Largs later the same year. In 1894 Sister was again at Knockfin and also at Carrington. Although she was ill in the Infirmary during 1895 she was professed with Sisters Mary Bernard Walsh and James McGann on the 22 August, 1895.

In the years following her Profession, Sister taught at Burwood, Carrington, Dungog, Merriwa, Largs, Aberdeen, Brookfield, Cessnock and Wingen. To some of these places she was appointed more than once.

Aberdeen in January, 1908 was her last branch house appointment. From there she returned to Lochinvar 8 April and regular visits to Newcastle indicated that she was under the care of Doctor Harris. By August, 1909 her illness had reached a critical stage.

On the 15 August Doctors Harris and Oxenham attended her at the convent infirmary. On 9 September, 1909 Sister Mary John Moy received Viaticum as usual and died at 12 noon. The Sisters remained up in turn all night. On 11th there was Mass as usual in the convent and the funeral took place at 3.00pm in the Sisters’ section of the Lochinvar cemetery where Fr McCormack officiated. On 13 September Office and Requiem for Sister Mary John Moy was held in the Chapel where Rev. Fr. Meagher V.G presided.