Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

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A Significant Anniversary

November 15th is the anniversary of the birth of Father Julian Tenison Woods, a significant figure in the history of the Church and society in colonial Australia. 

We know him as the co-founder, with St Mary of the Cross MacKillop of our Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph. 

We also know him as a scientist, a lover of the natural world and of the arts, an educator, a public speaker, a man unafraid to speak out about the exploitation of our forests and the plight of the Aboriginal people. 

Above all, he was a devoted priest who loved God and spent his life serving God’s people.

To mark this anniversary, we offer this video (click here), produced by Sr Colleen Power a Josephite Sister from Tasmania. It gives an insight into Julian’s spirituality. There is a second file (click here) noting aspects of his life. Colleen has graciously given permission for her work to be displayed on our website work.