Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

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Explore Embrace Embody

Explore~Embrace~Embody is a Josephite Action Plan for the next seven years and reflects the body of Catholic Social Teaching presented in Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si’. The Action Plan embraces all Josephite women and men associated with the Congregations and includes Sisters, affiliates, Boards, staff, companions and those involved in Josephite ministries.

Grounded in the Gospel and inspired by our Founders, St Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods, the lived witness of the Sisters of Saint Joseph who have gone before us and our growing understanding of the cosmos, Josephites everywhere are invited to ‘Explore, Embrace and Embody’ this Laudato Si’ Action Plan as our response to the ‘cry of Earth and its Peoples’.

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View the Explore~Embrace~Embody Laudato Si’ Action Plan Launch Video here – Explore~Embrace~Embody: A Laudato Si’ Action Plan for the Josephite Community – YouTube