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Honouring St Joseph

Journeying with Joseph with its sub-title Josephite Essays for the Year of Joseph offers a number of insights into the significance of St Joseph for all who seek to be disciples of Jesus. The nineteen contributors are Sisters of St Joseph, include three of our own Lochinvar Sisters, Michele Connolly, Jan Tranter and Betty Brown as well  as Josephite Companions and Covenant Josephites. They all write about the inspiration and the influence of St Joseph in their lives and ministries and in their outreach to countries beyond their founding   place.

Taking the lead from the Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis declaring this year to be a time for honouring St Joseph and reflecting on his qualities, Sr Mary Cresp of Adelaide has edited the collection and arranged them in three sections.

The first five essays are under the title of Joseph’s Foundational Inspiration.  Here you can read Michele Connolly’s Matthew’s Joseph, A Man of God for Jesus; Virginia Bourke’s The Late, Loved St Joseph; Jan Tranter’s Julian and Joseph among others.

The second section is named Joseph’s Radiant Influence where you find essays with titles like Joseph the Worker by Sr Jo Brady, Joseph and Justice by Sr Susan Connelly and Joseph and Refugees by Sr Betty Brown. 

The third section Joseph’s Cultural Outreach has essays entitled St Joseph in Peruvian Culture: A New Challenge to Notions of Manliness and Why St Joseph is so Important to Timorese and many more about Maori, Fijian and Asian cultures.

From this look at the Table of Content it is no wonder that Professor Mary Coloe pvbm of the Yarra Theological Union remarked: Who better than the Josephites to give us an "inside" look at the character who gave early shape to Jesus’ Jewish life and spirituality.

This is an inspiring book that can be taken gently.  It calls the reader to take time to reflect on this courageous, working man who loved family.  Joseph the quiet man who stayed in the background whose words were never recorded but whose strong and sensitive actions have inspired people of faith on their own journey down the generations.

The book jointly sponsored by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and the Sisters of St Joseph, Lochinvar was published by ATF Theology in Adelaide. It will be available in the near future from the Gift Shop in Mary MacKillop Place North Sydney.