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Safeguarding Framework

The Sisters of St. Joseph, Lochinvar firmly believe in the dignity of all people. We uphold the right of every person to grow and flourish in an environment that is safe and non-threatening, caring and compassionate, encouraging of personal growth and development.

Inspired by our charism for the poor, and in keeping with our Josephite tradition, our Constitutions (p6) state, our mission is expressed in ministries to the deprived, degraded and disadvantaged, in whatever circumstances of life they may be.

And again, (Constitutions p.12) Like Jesus, we stand in solidarity with the poor. This is our belief. This is our attitude. This governs our actions in everything we do.

Today, in the context of our times, ‘the poor’ may include, but not be restricted to:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Children and adults from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds

Children and adults with disabilities

Young people and adults made vulnerable for personal, social, cultural and financial causes – simply to name a few.

Our solidarity with the poor impels us to:

live and act, in all circumstances of our lives, according to the National Catholic Professional Standards.

adhere closely to our Congregational Safeguarding policy and Code of Conduct

comply with all relevant Government legislation and all protocols of behaviour established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Council (ACBC).

The safety and well being of all people, especially children and vulnerable adults, is a fundamental concern, responsibility and obligation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Lochinvar.

Sr Lauretta Baker

Congregational Leader

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