Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

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The following items list our Sisters who have died. Please click on the links to view pictures and obituaries (where available). May they rest in peace.

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Sr Lillian Anne Crittenden IMAGE

Sr M Paula Crittenden

Died 28 May 1993

Sr Mary Violet Peel IMAGE

Sr M Zita Peel

Died 28 May 2006

Sr Barbara Martina Smith IMAGE

Sr M Cyprian Smith

Died 28 May 1974


Sr M Ninian McRae

Died 30 May 1970

Sr Christina Bussell IMAGE

Sr M Agatha Bussell

Died 1 Jun 1959

Sr Anne Isabell O'Brien IMAGE

Sr M. Declan O'Brien

Died 3 Jun 2005

Sr Ellen Philson IMAGE

Sr M Rose Philson

Died 3 Jun 1959

Sr Mary Anne Dugan IMAGE

Sr M Baptist Dugan

Died 6 Jun 1921

Sr Veronica Beryl Hatton IMAGE

Sr M Vianney Hatton

Died 7 Jun 1990

Sr Williamena Matilda Kidd IMAGE

Sr M Winifred Kidd

Died 7 Jun 1995

Sr Mary Anne Tracey IMAGE

Sr M Francis Tracey

Died 7 Jun 1939

Sr Margaret Luney IMAGE

Sr M Genevieve Luney

Died 8 Jun 1950

Sr Jane McNamara IMAGE

Sr M Magdalen McNamara

Died 8 Jun 1918

Sr Kathleen Heagney IMAGE

Sr M Cecilia Heagney

Died 9 Jun 1970

Sr Elizabeth Hyde IMAGE

Sr M Evangelist Hyde

Died 13 Jun 1947

Sr Mary Baker IMAGE

Sr M Angela Baker

Died 14 Jun 1969

Sr Catherine Connolly Connolly IMAGE

Sr M Gonzaga Connolly

Died 14 Jun 1943

Sr Margaret McDonald IMAGE

Sr M Loyola McDonald

Died 19 Jun 1967

Sr Ita O'Rourke IMAGE

Sr M Philomena O'Rourke

Died 19 Jun 1968

Sr Catherine Tobin IMAGE

Sr M Anthony Tobin

Died 19 Jun 1981

Sr Alice Moy IMAGE

Sr M Brigid Moy

Died 20 Jun 1957

Sr Alice Crowe IMAGE

Sr M Bonaventure Crowe

Died 22 Jun 1958

Sr Nora Doohan IMAGE

Sr M Gertrude Doohan

Died 22 Jun 1969

Sr Margaret McNamara IMAGE

Sr M Kevin McNamara

Died 25 Jun 1964

Sr Cecilia Gallagher IMAGE

Sr M Pius Gallagher

Died 26 Jun 1969

Sr Mary Monica Desmond IMAGE

Sr M Conleth Desmond

Died 28 Jun 2002

Sr Ellen Luney IMAGE

Sr M Martina Luney

Died 29 Jun 1946

Sr Matilda Cahill IMAGE

Sr M Aloysius Cahill

Died 30 Jun 1947

Sr Emily Gallagher IMAGE

Sr M John Gallagher

Died 30 Jun 1943

Sr Annie Hawley IMAGE

Sr Gabriel Hawley

Died 30 Jun 1962

Sr Veronica Maude Unger IMAGE

Sr M Bede Unger

Died 1 Jul 1998

Sr Dorothy Imelda Casey IMAGE

Sr Dorrie Casey

Died 3 Jul 2012