Our Charism

The charism of the Sisters of St Joseph Lochinvar is a way of life that makes us more God-centred, more far-seeing and more energised for mission. It includes:

Trust in providence

Our Founders constantly urged us to trust, as our patron St Joseph did, in the living, loving presence of God.

A special love for the poor

We seek ways by which God’s saving love might be brought to the poor, the ‘Anawim’ (the little ones), remembering we are all poor in some ways.

Reverence for nature

Since we see everything around us as God’s continual creation, we respond with care for this great gift and a sense of justice for its preservation.

A heart for community

The spirit in which we live together was given to us by Fr Julian Tenison Woods in words from the first Letter of St Peter: “You should all agree among yourselves and be sympathetic; love everyone, have compassion and be self-effacing.

The charism of our Congregations as a gift of the Holy Spirit is shared with others, especially those who, desiring to deepen their baptismal consecration, identify with our Josephite spirit and mission.

Our Constitutions: A Future and A Hope, 2000

Our Spirituality

Paved by our founders who were devoted to and guided by our Lord Jesus Christ

Our Mission

By our religious profession we publicly commit ourselves to that mission: to proclaim and witness to God’s love and presence in the world by our way of life and apostolic service.