Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

Anniversaries (sorted by surname)

The following items list our Sisters who have died. Please click on the links to view pictures and obituaries (where available). May they rest in peace.

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Sr Monica Agnes Peel IMAGE

Sr Monica Peel

Died 12 Jul 2005

Sr Geraldine Perkins IMAGE

Sr Geraldine Perkins

Died 21 Apr 2000

Sr Mary Bernadette O'Neill IMAGE

Sr Mary Bernadette O'Neill

Died 21 Feb 2018

Sr Mary Jackson IMAGE

Sr Mary Jackson

Died 16 May 2018

Sr Catherine Considine IMAGE

Sr Catherine Considine

Died 25 May 2018


Sr Mary Bell

Died 30 Dec 2022

Patricia Swadling IMAGE

Sr Patricia Swadling

Died 1 Nov 2022

Marie Craddock IMAGE

Sr Marie Craddock

Died 31 Aug 2022

Lynette Pearce IMAGE

Sr Lynette Pearce

Died 19 Nov 2022

Agnes Burke IMAGE

Sr Agnes Burke

Died 6 Mar 2023

Sr M Denis Ayres IMAGE

Sr M Denis Ayres

Died 18 Apr 2003

Sr M Angela Baker IMAGE

Sr M Angela Baker

Died 14 Jun 1969

Sr M Francesca Balton IMAGE

Sr M Francesca Balton

Died 19 Aug 2007

Sr M Marcella Bambach IMAGE

Sr M Marcella Bambach

Died 17 Apr 1978

Sr Maryellen Banister IMAGE

Sr Maryellen Banister

Died 4 Sep 2000

Sr M Catherine Barry IMAGE

Sr M Catherine Barry

Died 16 Sep 1938

Sr M Dominic Barry IMAGE

Sr M Dominic Barry

Died 31 Aug 1938

Sr M Ursula Barry IMAGE

Sr M Ursula Barry

Died 6 Feb 1890

Sr M Joan Blake IMAGE

Sr M Joan Blake

Died 16 Mar 1991

Sr Ruth Boland IMAGE

Sr Ruth Boland

Died 2 Aug 2015

Sr Mary Patricia Boland IMAGE

Sr M Patricia Boland

Died 13 Jan 1964

Sr Maria Joseph Bolger IMAGE

Sr Maria Joseph Bolger

Died 15 Oct 1972

Sr M Paul Bourke IMAGE

Sr M Paul Bourke

Died 29 Dec 1917

Sr M Matthew Bowe IMAGE

Sr M Matthew Bowe

Died 22 Aug 1960

Sr M Alexius Boyle IMAGE

Sr M Alexius Boyle

Died 26 Mar 1986

Sr M Gonzaga Bradley IMAGE

Sr M Gonzaga Bradley

Died 14 Aug 1993

Sr M Magdalen Brimstone IMAGE

Sr M Magdalen Brimstone

Died 23 Dec 1993

Sr M Sebastian Brimstone IMAGE

Sr M Sebastian Brimstone

Died 11 Aug 1920

Sr M Anselm Brooder IMAGE

Sr M Anselm Brooder

Died 8 Dec 1983

Sr Helen Brooks IMAGE

Sr Helen Brooks

Died 19 Dec 1985

Sr M Paschal Bruton IMAGE

Sr M Paschal Bruton

Died 26 Apr 1996

Sr M Leonard Bryant IMAGE

Sr M Leonard Bryant

Died 17 Sep 1987