The words of our founders ring true for the Sisters today. They highlight the spiritual qualities that motivate Sisters as they offer to bring the good news of God’s love into the everyday lives of people among whom they live and work. Conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit in all human cultures, our Sisters strive to bring the deepest values of their Christian faith into dialogue with those of our multicultural and pluralist society. They do this in a variety of ways.

So many people today long for a meaning that transcends the pursuit of material possessions and status.

In responding to this need, Sisters offer spiritual companioning and direction, retreats and reflection days, gathering with people in their homes, in parish settings and in “Anawim” Prayer House at Wangi Wangi for faith sharing and on-going faith formation.

Our Sisters founded the Living Waters Christian Meditation Centre that is now under lay leadership. It offers support for those seeking the peace of inner silence. Living Waters is a teaching centre for people of all faiths and a haven for weary pilgrims on the journey of life.

Other spiritual ministries include enhancing liturgies through music and art and supporting apostolic groups such as St Vincent de Paul.

Praying for the needs of people in their griefs and anxieties, both in our communities and in the world, has been a response of the Sisters from the earliest days.

There is no thought into which God does not enter. The presence of God does not consist in thinking of God but having a sense of God’s presence in every occupation.

J Tenison Woods 1870

There where you are you will find God.

Mary MacKillop 1871