Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

Anniversaries (sorted by surname)

The following items list our Sisters who have died. Please click on the links to view pictures and obituaries (where available). May they rest in peace.

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Sr M Henrietta Walsh IMAGE

Sr M Henrietta Walsh

Died 23 Oct 1988

Sr M Bernard Walsh IMAGE

Sr M Bernard Walsh

Died 10 Jul 1949

Sr Mary Vincent Webber IMAGE

Sr M Vincent Webber

Died 8 Oct 1948

M M Hyacinth Webber IMAGE

Sr M Hyacinth Webber

Died 30 Jan 1936

Sr Agnes Catherine White IMAGE

Sr M Raymond White

Died 7 Jul 1985

Sr Catherine Williams IMAGE

Sr M Berchmans Williams

Died 9 Oct 1956

Sr Mary Williams IMAGE

Sr M Raphael Williams

Died 10 Jul 1943

Sr  M Bernard Woods IMAGE

Sr M Bernard Woods

Died 9 Dec 1897

Sr Beverly Ruth Zimmerman IMAGE

Sr Beverly Zimmerman

Died 26 May 2012