Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar

Anniversaries (sorted chronologically)

The following items list our Sisters who have died. Please click on the links to view pictures and obituaries (where available). May they rest in peace.

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Agnes Burke IMAGE

Sr Agnes Burke

Died 6 Mar 2023


Sr Mary Bell

Died 30 Dec 2022

Lynette Pearce IMAGE

Sr Lynette Pearce

Died 19 Nov 2022

Patricia Swadling IMAGE

Sr Patricia Swadling

Died 1 Nov 2022

Marie Craddock IMAGE

Sr Marie Craddock

Died 31 Aug 2022

Florence Mary Tobin IMAGE

Sr Florence Mary Tobin

Died 11 May 2022

Sr Ursula Kauter IMAGE

Sr Ursula Kauter

Died 22 Jul 2021

Sr Patricia Wilson IMAGE

Sr Patricia Wilson

Died 19 Jun 2021

Sr Maureen IMAGE

Sr Maureen Metz

Died 7 Oct 2020

Sr Kathleen Mernagh IMAGE

Sr Kathleen Mernagh

Died 18 Jun 2020

Sr Mary Eucharia IMAGE

Sr Mary Eucharia Jackson

Died 16 Jul 2019

Sister Mary Anita IMAGE

Sister Mary Anita Conroy

Died 7 Jun 2019

Sr Margaret Woodward IMAGE

Sr Margaret Woodward

Died 4 Apr 2019

Sr Kathryn McCabe IMAGE

Sr Kathryn McCabe

Died 2 Apr 2019

Sr  M Marguerite Chapman IMAGE

Sr Marguerite Chapman

Died 24 Mar 2019

Sr M Damian Harrison IMAGE

Sr Mary Damian Harrison

Died 1 Mar 2019

Sr Andrea Myers IMAGE

Sr Mary Andrea Myers

Died 19 Dec 2018

Sr Mary Nora IMAGE

Sr Mary Nora Connolly

Died 25 Sep 2018

Sr Catherine Considine IMAGE

Sr Catherine Considine

Died 25 May 2018

Sr Mary Jackson IMAGE

Sr Mary Jackson

Died 16 May 2018

Sr Mary Bernadette O'Neill IMAGE

Sr Mary Bernadette O'Neill

Died 21 Feb 2018

Sr Clare Burgess IMAGE

Sr Clare Burgess

Died 15 Aug 2017

Sr Anne Cavanagh IMAGE

Sr Anne Cavanagh

Died 2 Apr 2017

Sr Colleen Carney IMAGE

Sr Colleen Carney

Died 25 Oct 2016

Sr Patricia Jackson IMAGE

Sr Trish Jackson

Died 23 Oct 2016

Sr Norah Creigh IMAGE

Sr Norah Creigh

Died 20 Aug 2016

Sr Loretta Mullins IMAGE

Sr Loretta Mary Mullins

Died 30 Jul 2016

Sr M De Porres Driscoll IMAGE

Sr M De Porres Driscoll

Died 11 Apr 2016

Sr Clare Tobin IMAGE

Sr Clare Tobin

Died 17 Dec 2015

Sr Ruth Boland IMAGE

Sr Ruth Boland

Died 2 Aug 2015

Sr Mary Dunn IMAGE

Sr Mary Dunn

Died 20 Feb 2015

Sr Anne Callinan IMAGE

Sr Anne Callinan

Died 22 Dec 2014